The Mad Dogs, Exploring To Inspire...

The Mad Dogs,
Exploring to inspire

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Sailing & Cruising on our Canadian sailing yacht Mad Dog Voyager is a great lifestyle! We want to inspire you to embrace life and start exploring our planet yourself before it is all spoiled by trash, pollution, war & greed!
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Far too many people never leave home, never explore the "real thing", never experience anything other than what they watch on TV or through other media. Through our motto "Exploring to Inspire" we hope to motivate and inspire others to get more out of life by going out and exploring and start appreciating our Canadian wildlife (or other wildlife), nature and in turn protect it from being wiped out by "progress".

The Mad Dogs are proud to be Canadian!Go to your local zoo, park or nature area to see what you are missing. Take a trip on Cruise line, make a Touring car trip, drive somewhere new by car, hop on your bike or just put on your old sneakers, start walking and start to explore!
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The Mad Dogs

Exploring to inspire... with The Mad Dogs!

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The Mad Dogs
Exploring to inspire...
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